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may include...

Title Records

Verify proof of ownership for a vehicle based on documents issued by the state DMVs, including, the number of times this vehicle has been registered and the states in which it has been registered, listed in chronological order. Check title brands issued by state DMVs against the title.


Check details about the vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency, handling and braking, exterior and aerodynamics, as well as its measured dimensions.

Salvage Listings

Check if the vehicle has been declared as a total loss, if it has been registered with a junk or scrap yard, or sold at a salvage auction with the possibility of being rebuilt and resold at retail.

Market Value

Verify the estimated average price people are paying for the same car in your locality to determine the car's value and if you can bargain for a reasonable price.

Accident History*

Search for records of accidents, whether they are minor or major, usually in cases reported to the police report, based on information aggregated from police departments, state agencies, and industry sources.

Theft Records

Find historical and current reports of theft and theft recoveries from various industry sources. Buying a stolen car can lead to serious consequences. You could lose your vehicle and money if the police re-possess the stolen car.

Sales Listings

Check past vehicle listings sold by private individuals or car dealerships, to get an insight into the vehicle's sales history and the price at which it was previously sold.

Vehicle Safety

Check the results of IIHS tests of how the vehicle keeps passengers safe if an accident happens (crash-worthiness) and if it has features that can prevent a collision or minimize its impact (crash avoidance and mitigation rating)

The AutoPeek Advantage

AutoPeek is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective vehicle history report. Aside from being user-friendly and affordable, it is an incredibly comprehensive and efficient tool to know about any used car.